Sherborne Lynton Riser

RRP: £1,783.00


Sherborne Lynton Riser 

The wonderfully comfortable Sherborne Lynton Riser is available in Standard, Petite, Small and Royale sizes

The attractive scroll arms are complemented by useful wings, ‘chaise’ seating and a welcoming fibre-filled back cushion.

Ease the backrest and footrest independently to reach any desired recline position. Also, including a near-horizontal full sleeping position.

Using the ‘intelligent’ fifth button you can then easily return both the backrest and the footrest together to the sitting position.


  • Single or dual motor options
  • Battery backup
  • Moreover, there is a choice of over 150 quality fabrics or Leather
  • Furthermore, there is a choice matching accessories
  • Now with the unique Touchstop safety system, which will stop the action and motors after any contact between the metal action and human fingers, hands, arms etc.