Old Charm Dining Collection

Nearly a Century of Expertise

The design inspiration for Old Charm comes from the Tudor and Elizabethan era – a golden age in England’s history where cabinet-making skills and craftsmanship came to the fore. Today they still use traditional cabinetry techniques such as dovetailing and mortice and tenon joints for added strength. Once crafted their pieces are then hand-sanded, finished and antiqued to give the authentic look. Style-wise many influences from Europe and the Renaissance are evident featuring beautifully crafted motifs, turnings and carvings from that period.

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  • 2 Door Dresser

    Old Charm 2 Door Dresser

    RRP: £3,658.00
  • 2 Door/2 Drawer Sideboard

    Old Charm 2 Door/2 Drawer Sideboard

    RRP: £1,519.00
  • 3 Door Dresser

    Old Charm 3 Door Dresser

    RRP: £4,528.00
  • 3 Door/3 Drawer Sideboard

    Old Charm 3 Door/3 Drawer Sideboard

    RRP: £1,899.00
  • Aldeburgh Dining Carver

    Old Charm Aldeburgh Dining Carver

    RRP: £599.00
  • Aldeburgh Dining Chair

    Old Charm Aldeburgh Dining Chair

    RRP: £459.00
  • Aldeburgh Oval Extending Table

    Old Charm Aldeburgh Oval Extending Table

    RRP: £2,199.00
  • Corner Cabinet

    Old Charm Corner Cabinet

    RRP: £1,949.00
  • Lancaster Dining Carver

    Old Charm Lancaster Dining Carver

    RRP: £569.00
  • Lancaster Dining Chair

    Old Charm Lancaster Dining Chair

    RRP: £459.00